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About company
Our team
Our purpose is to make technology to serve people in their day to day needs
We are a Tech Company that values product excellence and digital innovation. Always pushing the limits of our craftsmanship.
We believe that our clients and their end users deserve high quality software development that brings your vision to life.
Our culture - the foundation of our daily routine
We measure the performance of our people by results (yeah, talk is cheap)
We try on our user’s shoes to understand their perspective, and we ask A LOT of questions
We learn through experimentation and hands on experience
We LOVE feedback. It makes us stronger, and our products better.
We are team players who encourage each other to learn and grow.
May 2020
An idea is born! Dmitry P. & Dmitry K. have initial discussion about forming SYZYGY
July 2020
First POC delivered
August 2020
Alexey joined & started working on a web version of the demo app
October 2020
Web demo released. R&D deep dive for data mining components.
December 2020
Finalized deployment strategy & key R&D targets
January 2021
Edge devices become a crucial part of the plan. Maria joined as a designer
February 2021
Evgeny becomes part of the team for legal and operational duties.
March 2021
Demo ready - time for production!
May 2021
Stepping up production by onboarding Vasily & Fernando
July 2021
Alexander & Eduard are added to develop mobile clients
August 2021
What’s next? Planning begins for new projects and Justin agrees to support with 3D design & public website
September 2021
Submitted documents for patent. Early stage POC for next project.
October 2021
Closed beta for SmartMirror app - testing & assessment
November 2021
Dedicated tester needed, Sergey steps up to the task
December 2021
Initial functional requirements begin for CleanBee app
January 2022
First version for backend for cleaning, Katerina and Ilya joined to support with tests and infra
March 2022
35% of screens & backend services added for CleanBee app
May 2022
Hard at work on CleanBee app. 85% ready to go.
July 2022
Things are getting official - now recognized as GmbH & Corp
August 2022
Closed beta for CleanBee app
October 2022
Closed beta for SmartMirror app
December 2022
Brainstorming new ideas… we can’t stop building!
Our team
We joined forces from a wide range of industries - from real estate and big data, to professional-poker and medicine. Being fully remote means we’re able to unite people who are truly diverse - soccer or beer fans, those who enjoy Crossfit in practically any weather, and others who like to meditate. Some of us are reading addicts, while others like to get lost in intense techno at the club.
Our engineering team has over a century of combined experience and we're still hungry for more. The possibilities of our products rely on the expanse of our knowledge and the extent of our imagination. Wide technical backgrounds across a number of domains (security, fintech, enterprise) and even broader technical expertise (C\C++, Python, Javascript & Dart and JVM based languages) allow us to efficiently tackle challenging projects end to end.
The founding team consists of serial entrepreneurs, early engineers from startups, and veterans from big companies.
Dmitry Perfilev - CEO
Dmitry Perfilev
Built his career in professional poker. Successfully transitioned to become a trader, business owner and investor. Founder of Syzygy AI. Passionate about soccer, hockey and logic games.
Dmitry Kruglov - CTO
Dmitry Kruglov
Likes cycling, beer, DIY robots and simple code. 18 years of experience spread across 3 countries and dozens of companies taught him that tech stack comes secondary - the right team can solve any problem.
Eye opening professional life. Moved from the saddle to the keyboard. Generalist (or jack-of-all-trades). Can ride any technology in the shortest possible time. Loves to learn new subjects in the IT industry and apply them to work. Easily switching from back-end development to front-end and mobile development. Programming is life.
Lifelong learner who likes solving challenging problems. 18 years of professional experience in software development as an engineer and researcher.
Tremendous experience in C++, very interested in algorithms and data structures. Proficient in mathematics, computer vision and machine learning algorithms. Passionate about robotics, control and navigation domains. Spends time traveling, river walks, forest hiking, jogging, swimming, fishing.
Pragmatic and ambitious developer. Over 20 years of software engineering experience designing and developing innovative apps. Excellent communicator with attention to detail and the ability to meet tight deadlines. Believes a natural, intuitive interface supporting the right idea can improve the way people interact with the world.
Interface design specialization. Black belt in hackathons. Enjoys minimalism, making dreadlocks and Muay Thai.
Continuously learning QA Engineer, trying to be as automated as possible!
Seasoned DevOps Engineer with deep interest towards distributed computing and Big Data. Makes time for kiting, windsurfing and a hunger for action!
We’re not going to take up too much space with geeky acronyms. Let's skip to the good stuff. Here’s what we’ve done so far -

We’re more than a software development company. From orchestrating cloud or on premises microservices, to designing data warehouses, we architect digital solutions for high performance systems.

Tweaking and embedding machine learning models to run on edge devices is a task that brings us joy. And dreaming up UX that people actually love is super satisfying.

Yep, we execute QA using various layers from the testing pyramid with CI\CD on top.

And don’t think we skip alerting, observability, unbooks, PAT…you name it.

From the good old days of RUP, Togaf, and Cobit towards trendier Agile, Kanban, mobbing, swarming, and feature mapping - we mix and match the components that work best given project constraints and delivery requirements.

End to end, from idea to scalable working system, our products are meant to evolve and continue running when hardware or software needs updates.

And the most important accomplishment? Clients who need to maintain the systems we developed are still inviting us for beers!

It all starts with a real problem that needs to be solved & a solid strategy
Start a project
Do you…
Have an idea (don’t worry if it sounds crazy) and you want to assess feasibility? We build MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).
Have an existing solution that needs to be upgraded?
Need something advanced? Off the shelf software just won’t cut it?
Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, Elastic
AWS, GCD, Kubernetes
Computer vision, RecSys
C\C++, Rust, Python, Scala, Swift, Dart, Javascript
Mobile app, web, 3D
We make decisions using machine learning & big data
Leave the mess to us. Effortlessly keep a tidy home with CleanBee. We connect trusted cleaning professionals with busy homeowners. Save time by using the CleanBee app to get the exact cleaning help you desire.
Smart Mirror
Smart Mirror
Whether you need to look great for photos or flash a confident smile in important virtual meetings, SmartMirror technology helps you control your facial expressions for memorable first impressions.
1850 S Ocean DR, Hallandale, FL 33009